4 Acronyms To Make You Happier, Healthier & More Resilient

Well, nothing beats a coach or mentor to keep you on track with a practice, but as much as I hate to admit the fact, acronyms are also excellent tools for building new habits. I’m not talking about setting SMART goals, I mean habits that help bring awareness to the present moment and give you access to self-regulation, self-authoring, self-mastery.

These 5 Metacognitive Strategies Can Accelerate Your Self-development

With an elevated metacognitive perspective learning and living become more meaningful and productive. It takes practice. Sometimes it takes help. But it always adds value.

You, U and the Inverted-U: Finding Your Balance Between Presence & Performance

For many living through these increasingly complex and volatile times, delivering results at work often comes at the expense of personal wellbeing. In our article this week we examine two approaches to personal development that promise help in balancing presence and performance.

Your 5 Weeks Career Discovery Guide

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your decision to do something different with your life! It takes courage and strength to take this step, well done! A fulfilled career builds on what is at the core of yourself. so this guide will focus a lot on Looking at who you are at the core...

Why You Owe It To Yourself To Be Yourself

When a person does not feel it is safe to authentically express themselves, the psychological impact is negative. And the cumulative pressure of an ongoing requirement to act happy often leads to unexpected and unhealthy outbursts of emotion, sometimes in totally unrelated situations.

Four Things Leaders Can Do To Create Psychological Safety In Their Organization

There are political, economic and social shifts which leaders can keep an eye on. There are movements within industries. There are changes within the organization itself. All of these factors can create anxiety and uncertainty within the team.

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Your Guide To Finding The Right Coach

Feel stuck, but not sure what to do about it? A coach might be able to help you, but what type of coach should you look for? koach.net’s FIT FOR PURPOSE blog series explores the main types of coaching out there to help you choose the best coach for your needs.

The Life Coach

The Career Coach

The Leadership Coach

The Health Coach

The Mentor

The future of coaching is now!

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More Self-Leadership

How To Deal With Failure

Failure can be a great teacher, but only if you process it. Here are seven steps for dealing with failure and moving on in a productive way.

Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Perhaps You Need a Side Hustle

Perhaps it is time to consider a side hustle. This is widely thought of as ‘something millennials do’, but I’ve never been a fan of generational typing. Anyone can benefit from a side hustle and the many advantages it offers. But such a commitment also comes with often-unseen risks.

The Sage, the Trickster and You – the Power of Jungian Archetypes

Any person beginning a coaching journey is in search of change, and great change doesn’t come without new insight. But there are different levels of insight. In this week’s Learn article we examine Jung’s archetypes and the powerful unconscious influence they exert of our lives.

Breathing for Success: 7 Practices for Everything from Fear to Transcendence

We seldom think about our breathing. This is principally because we don’t need to. Along with heartbeats, digestion, blinking and a miscellany of other useful autopilot functions, breathing is controlled by our autonomic nervous system. It just happens; that’s why babies can do it. Why is it, though, that babies do it better than most adults? What do I even mean by better?

What is Your Native Perspective?

Impactful coaching always requires increased awareness. Some coaching methods rely almost entirely on developing insight and understanding as the vehicle for transformation. Others focus on action and behavior as the primary tools for change. Regardless of the approach, though, all methods rely on the coach and client working together to reveal a new understanding of the client’s reality.

How To Stay Creative Even When You’re Not Feeling It

Postmodern life being what it is we all know that experience of needing to be creative, but just not feeling it. It might be fatigue or mental overload, but we just can’t seem to access what we need to call in the new. This is not a hopeless situation, though. There are ways to shift the tide in your favour

Dancing With Anxiety: How To Stay On Course When The Fear Comes

Mild and occasional anxiety is a normal part of life; chronic or acute anxiety are extreme manifestations of this state and can severely limit our ability to attain, or even envision, our goals. Yet, this is not a war. As with all forces, the harder you push against anxiety the harder it pushes back.

Slaying the Dragon: Facing Resistance Like a Pro

Pressfield’s rule of thumb is, ‘The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we feel towards pursuing it.’ So how do we overcome Resistance and achieve what we were put on this Earth to do?

One question and one answer critical to success

It’s no revelation that the pressures and expectations of 21st Century life are growing increasingly difficult to manage. The competition for our attention is overwhelming at times, and poor management of mental, emotional and physical resources can sabotage attempts to achieve the success we deserve.

Beginning the Year With Purpose – Finding Your Ikigai

Finding one’s ikigai is not a single event; it is a lifelong process that honors the shifts in your values and worldview as you change and evolve. But beginning the new year with a strong sense of your purpose on this earth could turn out to be one of the best investments of your time this year.
This practice will ask 60-90 minutes of your time and has two parts.

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