Frequently Asked Questions


When will be launched?

We are aiming to be fully up and running by spring 2018.

What services are currently provided?

A free matching service is currently provided to link clients with the right coach. We believe that matching is predominantly important to connect clients with the best coach that they can benefit from. So, we will keep providing this service and enhancing it as a key service we provide to our clients. We are also working very hard to bring more options in the near future to enable clients to choose coaches, schedule free intake, purchase and schedule sessions directly.

How does the matching service work?

When you register with for the free matching service, the information you provide will be processed and a facilitator will provide you with recommendations accordingly, including the top match for you, based on your requirements, needs and preferences. Following that, a free intake is scheduled between you and your potential coach. Our facilitator will be present just for the first 5 minutes of the introduction, then will leave the session to allow a private discussion between you and the coach. After the call, the facilitator will gather feedback from both the client and the coach and inquire whether both parties wish to continue their coaching relationship. Details about the coach’s profile, qualifications, approach and fees will be shared with the client before the free intake.

How are coaching sessions conducted on

Clients and coaches can conduct the coaching sessions face-to-face (when client and coach are based near to each other) or virtually, using the most common tools such as Skype, Google, FaceTime, Zoom and WhatsApp.

Is coaching right for me?

To determine whether you would benefit from coaching, start by thinking about what you would expect to accomplish in a coaching partnership. Also, ask yourself whether you are ready to invest the resources, time, and energy to making your goals a reality. If the answer is yes, then coaching may be a great option for you. When you have a clear idea of what you need help with, take a look at our specific breakdown of the different types of coaching we offer. Coaching can be a powerful tool for developing strategies to achieve your goals. You can also take a look at our blog, full of fascinating articles and insight on coaching and how it can benefit you.

How is coaching different from other service professions?

Professional coaching focuses on goal setting, outcome creation, and personal change management. This differs from other guidance services such as therapy, consulting, mentoring, and training. Therapy can deal with conflict within an individual or in relationships with very specific focused solutions that often require deep analysis of the past. Mentoring is similar to coaching but is industry or affinity based and focuses on the mentor’s personal experiences to guide an individual. Likewise, training programs are based on clear and pre-set objectives set out by a trainer or instructor and are not personalized to an individual’s needs.

What are some typical reasons someone chooses to work with a coach?

You may choose to work with a coach for many reasons, including (but not limited) to the following:

  • There’s a lack of clarity regarding self-awareness or direction
  • You have a gap in knowledge, skills, or confidence
  • You need to accelerate results
  • You need to focus on yourself and gain perspective
  • You need to overcome a specific obstacle
  • You simply need someone to talk to and bounce ideas off
What is expected from me to have a successful coaching relationship?
  • Come with the desire to seek clarity for the issue(s) you need coaching for
  • Listen to your intuition and challenge your existing habits
  • Be kind to yourself and accept both the opportunity to learn new skills and the possibilities that you may experience setbacks in your journey
How do you measure coaching success?

Coaching success can be measured in the reciprocal nature of the coaching partnership: how you feel your coach is doing and how your coach feels you are doing against agreed goals. This checks-and-balance system gives an overview of how effective was coaching for your individual needs and goals. Examples of this include having met the goals established at the beginning of the coaching relationship, tangible accomplishments like a raise in income or obtaining a promotion, and personal or business performance data. More than anything, if you feel more fulfilled, confident and hopeful about the future having experienced support from one of our top coaches – then you have succeeded.

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