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Feel stuck, but not sure what to do about it? A coach might be able to help you, but what type of coach should you look for?’s FIT FOR PURPOSE blog series explores the main types of coaching out there to help you choose the best coach for your needs.

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Presence – the greatest gift a coach can give you

In her now legendary Ted talk of 2012, Amy Cuddy explores the suggestion that your body language may shape who you are. While it has long been understood that our non-verbal communication, like posture and other forms of body language, affects the way...

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How to stay focused on what’s most important

Italy. What a beautiful country. Before I even visited it, I was seduced: the food, the wine, the history, the style, the language – what’s not to love. I’ve long harbored fantasies of speaking fluent Italian in Italy, freely conversing with Latin...

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Does internet coaching really work?

My family and I recently relocated to a new country. As any expat will tell you this is one of the most difficult exercises you can undertake in your adult life. The financial costs are high, but it is almost impossible to put a price tag on the physical,...

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Confidence – Stop Looking and Start Acting

I consider myself an introvert, and I was extremely shy growing up. This created issues for me because my parents moved each year, which meant a new school, bringing with it an unknown environment with new social rules and hierarchy. It felt like a never-ending battle...

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What is health coaching and why does it matter?

The world’s health is in crisis. For the first time in our history more people worldwide are obese than underweight, with the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting global obesity levels more than doubling since 1980. The number of people with diabetes has more...

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The 11 Cognitive Biases your job coach wants you to see

No matter how self aware you may be, it is almost impossible to avoid unconscious cognitive bias. These assumptions are key to your brain’s ability to engage with large volumes of information, but many are incorrect, sometimes even dangerous. In this week’s Learn post, Bevan Rees examines these biases, their risks and their benefits

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How to get a promotion
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How to get a promotion
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Did you know? When you work with a coach over, you can cancel anytime and get 100% refund for the session that didn't take place.
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Did you know? When you work with a coach over, you can cancel anytime and get 100% refund for the session that didnt take place.
#coaching #findtheperfectcoach #alwaysbetter #lifecoaching #careercoaching #healthcoaching #leadershipcoaching #fullpotential
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