Is mindfulness just another (expensive) corporate fad?

I don’t know why she started crying. She never told me, or the rest of her group. But as we collectively emerged from a 5-minute mindfulness practice on a fresh Thursday morning, tears began to streak the face of a woman to my right. She excused herself and hurriedly...

Cultivating agility in the face of exponential change

When I was 10 years old my family and I moved to a new town. It was school holidays and my brother and I were spending most of our time at home. Which is how we were invited to Aida’s house. Aida was an old Russian woman from across the road that my mother had...

6 Steps to building habits that serve you

Habits are powerful. Human beings intuitively know this, otherwise New Year’s resolutions – whether you believe in them or not – wouldn’t be such a big deal. At some point, every individual identifies an old negative habit that they would like to break, or a positive...

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How To Use Your Personality Type To Make Better Decisions

I don’t mind admitting that the Disney movie Frozen brought tears to my eyes. As the father of two daughters, it was the self-sacrificing love between sisters that really caught me in the tear ducts. But the film is full of other powerful archetypal themes: hero, obstacle, quest, death and rebirth, and the story of human transformation that connects them all.

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How The Right Work Can Help You Find Your Purpose

A few years ago, my partner and I had the lofty idea of starting our own healthy food business. Like most small startups, we were passion-rich but resource-poor, so I used our growing network of cool customers as a well of intelligence from which I could draw information and advice. In this process, I struck up a regular chat with a customer who was also a fellow small business owner.

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Is A New Career Part Of Your Hero’s Journey?

In 1949, American mythologist Joseph Campbell published The Hero with a Thousand Faces, a work of tremendous breadth and depth that compared ancient mythologies from across the world. In thousands of myths and stories, Campbell found a common structure that could be distilled into one monomyth: The Hero’s Journey.

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9 Types of Coaches (and how to choose the one you need)

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognizes more than 50 000 professional accredited coaches worldwide. This represents tremendous growth for an industry that didn’t exist in the mainstream until the 1980’s, especially as these numbers do not include non-accredited individuals providing coaching services, or managers using coaching skills as part of their work. With so much choice and so many different types of coaches out there, it can be difficult to know where to start in choosing a coach.

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Fear of Change: Your Great Teacher

Change is unavoidable – it is written into the fabric of our existence. So, it seems, is the fear of change, the opposing force that tries to keep the status quo firmly locked the way it is. Because change represents a step into the unknown, a movement away from the safety of the familiar. Even in those circumstances when we actively seek change, fear of transformation arises, often manifesting in subtle and subversive ways that are difficult to spot. Yet, far from something to be beaten back and repelled, this natural resistance needs to be embraced and understood. Within it lies tremendous value to our personal evolution.

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