Impact In Your Next Normal

We are all still being propelled to a global common place – how will I operate and contribute in the next normal? The concept of ‘new normal’ is fading, as we have passed that mark somewhere in 2020.

Building Empathy At Work

Research shows that empathy for others brings positive effects for you as well. It helps to reduce your own stress. It helps you get out of your self and make room for the needs and concerns of others. It helps to calms the nervous system and reduces the stress response, and it can reduce the risk of burnout. So how do you build empathy?

Handling Emotional Reactions

Are you someone who ever gets emotionally triggered or reactive when things don’t go your way and you then do or say something you later regret?

Handling Difficult People

I looked at some of the considered wisdom on the subject, some of the better advice I saw was over here on Forbes. I  am sure some of it can be useful. The problem is that a lot of the advice is all about the other person: how you can protect yourself from these difficult people, and avoid them, and therefore continue to judge them.  Ultimately that doesn’t solve very much.

Self Compassion – Be kind to yourself

Self-compassion doesn’t try to change anything, but it aims to support you through difficult times, simply because they are difficult. As if by magic, taking care of yourself in this way, leads to positive change all by itself…

What is Coaching? A coach’s Perspective

For coaching to work effectively it requires that the coach demonstrates qualities of unconditional positive regard, empathy, and authenticity. The coach needs to use accurate observation and listening, in order to give useful feedback and ask appropriate questions. This process helps the client to focus on the positive, which can bring new awareness, and result in more clarity and choice. The process brings objectivity on the situation and accountability on moving forwards.

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Your Guide To Finding The Right Coach

Feel stuck, but not sure what to do about it? A coach might be able to help you, but what type of coach should you look for?’s FIT FOR PURPOSE blog series explores the main types of coaching out there to help you choose the best coach for your needs.

The Life Coach

The Career Coach

The Leadership Coach

The Health Coach

The Mentor

The future of coaching is now!

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4 Acronyms To Make You Happier, Healthier & More Resilient

Well, nothing beats a coach or mentor to keep you on track with a practice, but as much as I hate to admit the fact, acronyms are also excellent tools for building new habits. I’m not talking about setting SMART goals, I mean habits that help bring awareness to the present moment and give you access to self-regulation, self-authoring, self-mastery.

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