on your decision to do something different with your life! It takes courage and strength to take this step, well done!

A fulfilled career builds on what is at the core of yourself. so this guide will focus a lot on

  • Looking at who you are at the core
  • Getting clearer what you currently miss and need to be fulfilled in your job
  • How this fits potentially into job descriptions or roles

If you need some extra assistance. You can always send me your questions via My Profile and I will help you further if you got stuck somewhere along the way.

Block in each of the following 4 weeks 2 slots of 30-60min in your calendar. It’s a commitment I know, but there are no real shortcuts that lead to a satisfying result in the long run.

Overview of the guide

In the following weeks, you will work through those topics. Don’t leave anything out, don’t jump forward. It takes time and answers need to unfold naturally over time – from experience my clients get the best results when they simply trust this proven process:

Now, let’s get started! Print this guide, it will help you go through it easier. Writing by hand is one of the easiest and most important tools to pump up your left and right brain connection.


Let’s get started now, there will not be a better time.

That’s it for the first week. For the remaining 4 weeks of the guide, please send your name and email address as a message to Coach Miguel Baumann via his profile.