Coaching is for people who are really struggling. Coaching is the same as therapy. I don’t need coaching; I can just chat to my mates. Coaching is for people who aren’t successful. Coaches aren’t as qualified as proper therapists. I don’t need coaching – I already have a mentor and trainer.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the concept of coaching, so if you too believe some of the sentences above or are genuinely confused as to whether coaching is something you need…read on.

So what is coaching?

Coaching is a process that focuses on improving a person’s performance. It doesn’t investigate the past, it simply looks at the ‘here and now’ and provides you with a practical way to reach your full potential.

There are many different areas of expertise in coaching (from sports and business, to lifestyle and health) but they all do one thing – they work with a person’s current skills and support them in discovering the answers to their own questions.

A coach’s role is to help individuals improve their own performance and reach their goals through discussion and self analysis – also support them to have the necessary knowledge, confidence and motivation to reach these goals. Coaches aren’t there to give you the answer; they are there to help you find the answer.

Who needs coaching?

Contrary to popular belief, coaching is not a last resort for those that are really struggling. Coaching is simply a process for everyone and anyone who wants assistance in achieving a goal or reaching their full potential. Perhaps you have reached a crossroads in your life and you need clarity on where to go next? Or you want better direction with your career? Or perhaps you have realised that your health or ability to juggle life has gone off kilter and need a professional to guide you back on your path.

You should never wait until it’s too late…if you feel that your life or career is a little off balance then look into the right kind of coaching for you.

What’s the difference between coaching and a therapist, trainer or mentor?

Like any profession, depending on your needs you will require a different approach and different expertise.

A therapist and councillor will help clients recover from their past wounds and move towards a lifestyle of healing, finding freedom from their pain. This is much more psychological and not so focused on dealing with goals in the here and now. A therapist is a trained medical profession and someone you should seek if your behavioural issues or events in your past are hampering your current progress or affecting your life. A coach, on the other hand, will look at where you want to be, and through discussion and practical tips will support you in getting there.

A trainer, a term generally used in a business or sport capacity, is focused on a very specific part of your development. They have all the answers (be it with improving your sports skills or getting to you the next level at work) and they will plan a strategy for you to improve your abilities in that area. Coaches don’t have the answers – instead they motivate and guide you to find your own answers to a much wider goal.

And finally mentors. A mentor is someone who is an expert in a specific area and who you wish to emulate and learn from. Be it someone in your field of work, or someone who has vast experince in an area you want to improve in, a mentor doesn’t focus on your own self discovery but shares his/her own experiences and knowledge in the area in which you wish to achieve success. A coach helps you find the area you want to succeed in and guides to to understand how to succeed then motivates you to do what’s required to succeed, including finding a mentor if neccessary.

How do I find the perfect coach for me?

Well we’re glad you asked, because that’s the easiest question to answer.

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